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Gifts for the wine drinker

Wine can be a confusing area at the best of times, even more so when the recipient is known for being a wine lover. The following tips will help you select the perfect wine gift.

Red, White or Rose?

If you know what type of wine he prefers, then that makes it much easier to narrow your search. However there are several styles of wine within the basic categories of red, white, rose and sparkling. A spicy Shiraz tastes very different to a fruity Pinot Noir, even though both are red wine.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is dominated by the big branded Champagne houses, although Spanish Cava is made with a similar process. This creates the same delicious, biscuity crispness associated with Champagne without the huge price tag. Someone with less wine experience might appreciate variety of styles such as Prosecco, and New World fizz of Australia and New Zealand.

Matching Food with Wine

If you are still struggling to think which type of wine he might like best, try to match the wine with the food he likes to eat. Barbecue kings will love meaty reds, while seafood fanatics would prefer a refreshing white. A mixed selection is probably best for those who cook up a storm at dinner parties. Aromatic wines are the best match for curries or Chinese food. Dessert wines are a great gift for the sweet-toothed wine connoisseur.

Wine Tasting

As his appreciation of wine grows, he’ll become more aware about how the geographical conditions the wine was produced in (such as temperature, rainfall and soil quality – known as terroir) affect the taste of the final product. Cases from a particular region are a great way to learn about terroir. In general, cooler climates produce subtle, delicate wines, while hotter climates produce fruitier, heavier flavours. Another fun way to learn more about wine is to compare European ‘old world’ wines with their ‘new world’ counterparts. The cases below cover some of the most popular wine areas.

Still Unsure? Accessory Gifts

If you are still uncertain what to buy, why not look at wine accessories instead? A stylish decanter will make any red wine taste better, while a well insulated cooler will keep that white at the perfect temperature. There are also several wine guides that will help guide him in future purchases, and wine diaries to help him record his tasting notes and remember his favourite bottles.

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